How to choose the right Dog Crate and train your dog for it

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Choosing the right Crate and training your dog for it

A dog crate is a comfortable cage in which a dog can be temporarily housed. It is also called the internal canal. It is a specially-made cage for dogs enclosed in plastic or metal. designed as a safe place for dogs to stand, roam and rest. The crate has a gate for the dog to enter. There is adequate ventilation for dogs. Dog crates are designed to mimic natural burrows for dogs to adapt to. There is a removable tray where the dog bed can be placed. The crate has a handle on top, through which it can be easily moved from one place to another. Through the crate Dog safety, training, comfortable rest, etc. can be ensured.

Common uses of dog crates

Crates are very useful for your dog’s mental health, comfortable rest, travel, training, anxiety relief, etc.

Common Uses of Crates for Dogs:

1. Short-Term Confinement: If you leave your dog alone at home, you may worry that the dog may cause an accident or destroy something in the house.

Dog crates relieve you of this worry. You can go out of the house without the dog, no accidents will happen in the house in your absence.

And it’s not a bad habit for dogs. This crate protects the dog. A crate is a comfortable place for a dog to rest.

2. Training: Crates are essential when training a dog. The dog can run all the time during training. May destroy household items while alone. So putting the dog in crates helps train the dog faster.

3. Important Work: Your dog may disturb your work during an important task. Also, you don’t want your dog to jump, get excited, or run around when your guests are around. At that time you can keep the dog inside the crate.

4. While traveling: You can take your dog with you while traveling anywhere. But in that case, your dog may not adapt to the new environment immediately. Moreover, it can be difficult to carry. In this case, you can easily take the dog for a trip through the crate.

5. During Sickness: Using a crate can benefit your dog’s care and comfort when he is sick. Veterinarians often recommend using crates.

If sick, the dog should rest in the open.

Therefore, using the crate during this time helps to restore the dog’s health.

After all, the crate is an important item for your dog. It can be considered a small dog house. A place where your dog can rest comfortably and safely. Dog crates can be made according to your wishes and needs for dogs. So that the dog can stay comfortably in the crate.

Choosing the Right Dog Crate

Choosing the right dog crate for your dog is essential. Because it is not good to use a crate for your dog, it will affect the dog’s mentality. There are many types, qualities, prices, sizes, and styles of crates available in the market.

You need to select the crate according to your dog’s needs and wants.

  • If your puppy prefers to be in the dark, give him a kennel or airline crate, which is more enclosed and reduces light. Again, if your dog prefers to be in the open air, choose a wire crate that allows plenty of air movement.
  • You need to determine the size of the dog crate according to your dog’s needs. If your dog is small, choose a small size crate and if your dog is big, choose a large size crate.
  • Choose a good quality crate. Different types of crates are available in the market based on price. Dogs can easily escape from cheap crates. So select the crate by looking at the value. Wire crates can be dangerous for your dog. Because your dog can get stuck in the wire while escaping. So, you might prefer a wooden crate that looks good. Take a look on our 6 types of wooden crate guide.
  • Choose crates that allow good ventilation for the dog. There should be a light and air circulation system. If the crate is small, it will be difficult for your puppy to move around and he will not want to adjust to it. It should have a separate toilet and a separate place for rest.
  • Select a dog crate that has a good resting position in the crate. Your dog can rest comfortably in the crate.

Above all, you should select the crate with your dog’s temperament and dog’s comfort in mind. So that your dog can adapt to it easily.

Reinforce the crate

The crate you use for your dog’s safety can become weak or empty for various reasons. Again your dog may scratch it through which the dog may be able to escape.

Strong crates are needed in such situations. You don’t want your dog to destroy things in your home or risk the dog’s safety in your absence. So let’s find out how to reinforce a dog crate.

  • A strong and sturdy dog crate should be selected. Because many times new crates also have escape arrangements. A solid crate your dog won’t be able to break even if he tries.
  • Sometimes the dog can learn how to open the door. So use a padlock on the door itself. Add a padlock to the latch so the dog can’t open the door.
  • Firm the floor of the crate. Punch a hole in the corner of the tray and attach a zip tie.
  • Reinforce the crate. Use zip ties to secure the walls of the crate. Attach the zip ties around the crate. Cut the ends of the zip ties short so the dog can’t bite them.
  • Train your dog well so that he does not escape from the crate and train the dog to stay in the crate.
  • Do not keep the dog in the crate for more than 3-4 hours. Being confined for too long can cause the dog to become frightened and try to get out of the crate.

This way you can reinforce the crate for your dog. It won’t give you another worry when you are away from home. Your dog will be safe in a strong and sturdy crate.

How to get a puppy used to a crate?

Train the puppy to use the crate from an early age so that the puppy can adapt to the crate. Because the dog crate can be their safe haven after the dog grows up. If you want to get your puppy used to the crate, it will take some time. Gradually, with proper training, your puppy will get used to being in the crate.

Now we will discuss some ways to get the puppy used to the crate.

How to get used to a dog crate?

1. Comfortable Crate: Choosing the right crate for your puppy is important. Because if you do not select the right crate for your dog, your puppy will feel uncomfortable in it.

2. Choose the right size: It is important to choose the right crate for your puppy so that the puppy can move freely.

3. Make the dog crate look like furniture: You can decorate the crate with your favorite furniture. This will make the crate look nice and attractive. You can also arrange some toys inside the crate so that the puppy can get used to it quickly.

4. Sleep Arrangement: Dogs need comfortable sleep. A good restful sleep refreshes the dog’s body. And if sleep is not proper, the mood becomes irritable, and the dog becomes weak and does not like to eat anything.

So make your dog comfortable inside the crate. Provide soft bedding. In this case, it is important to use a credit pad and keep the bed clean and warm. Sleeping in wet or damp places is not conducive to good sleep and can spread disease. So make sure your dog sleeps in a crate.

5. Introduce your dog to the crate: Once the dog crate is ready for the puppy, the puppy should be placed in the crate. But don’t pull or force the crate.

First, bring the dog to the dog crate. After that drop some treats inside the crate. Now close the crate door when the puppy enters the crate to eat the treat. Stay with the dog for a while after closing the door. After that go away for a while. Then release the dog again. Train the puppy in this manner several times a day. If this continues, after a while the dog will get used to the crate.

6. Problem and Proofing Behavior: Crates play a great role in training and modifying a dog’s behavior. But only crates are to be used for a certain period of time. Because the puppy needs time to play, run and socialize with the family. Do not leave your dog in the crate for more than the usual 3-4 hours. And if the dog is small, keep it in the crate for a short time, because the dog needs to urinate and defecate. Moreover, any accident can happen.

How to make a custom dog crate?

Looking for a custom dog crate for your canine? We’ve got you covered! Our article covers the How to make a Custom Dog Crates?, so check it out if you’re interested.


The purpose of the dog crate is to keep your dog safe when you are not home. However, many people use it as punishment for dogs by keeping them in crates for long periods of time. Don’t do that to dogs. Because the fear and anxiety of dogs can cause various diseases.

Sometimes during puppy crate training, the dog may bark more when you confine the puppy to the crate. Do not panic and open the crate door. Because this will teach the dog that if it makes a lot of noise, you will give it what it wants.

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